FairyLoot is a monthly book subscription box that focuses on Young Adult (YA) and and YA-friendly Crossover titles in fantasy literature. In every single one of our monthly boxes, you will receive a brand new Young Adult fantasy novel and around 5 exclusive goodies related to the theme of the box. In addition to our monthly book subscription, we also offer exclusive editions of books in our online store that are separate to the monthly box.

We offer 3 different subscription plans:

  • Monthly Subscription: you will receive our monthly boxes and will be billed on the 1st¬†day of each month. For example, if you subscribe and your subscription begins with the September box you will be billed on September 1st
  • 3 Month Prepay Subscription: you will receive our boxes every month and will be billed on the 1st¬†day of every 3rd¬†month
  • 6 Month Prepay Subscription: you will receive our boxes every month and will be billed on the 1st¬†day of every 6th¬†month

Yes, you can skip always skip a month. Please get in touch with us – we are happy to arrange this for you. Please note that we cannot skip a box if we have already started preparing to ship them ‚Äď it is usually best to contact us before the renewal date of the month you would like to skip (e.g. if you would like to skip March, please contact us in February, before 1st March).

Whenever we open our store for new subscription spots we will make announcements through our website, newsletter and social media (Instagram and Facebook). Please note that we have a limited number of boxes each month so we recommend ordering sooner rather than later! Once we sell out it is not possible for us to restock.

Each month, we introduce a theme for the upcoming box, which will give you a hint as to what the book will be about or related to. The items in the box will all correlate with the theme. Check out our themes from previous boxes ‚Üí

Our boxes feature Young Adult and Young Adult-Crossover friendly books, so most of our titles are suitable for ages 14 and up – but you’re never to old to enjoy FairyLoot!

This site us.fairyloot.com serves anyone who is based in the USA, Canada or US territories. This site’s currency is¬†$ (USD) and they ship from within the USA.

The site www.fairyloot.com serves anyone who is based in the United Kingdom or any other country.

Why do we have a separate website for US and Canadian customers?

  • So we can offer you a USD price
  • There aren’t be any more currency conversion fees from your bank
  • Shipping is also a lot cheaper with our $9.99-$10.99 shipping rates

Yes, you can still order from our UK Fairy Trove and have the order delivered to your US or Canadian address. Some items may be restricted, but most items – and especially special edition boxes or books – will ship to all locations.

Subscriptions will only be available on the website version that covers your location (e.g. the US website when you are located in the USA).


Each box will have one recently published exclusive signed edition of a Young Adult book, 4-5 exclusive goodies and a letter from the author. Our boxes are lovingly packed and sprinkled with fairy dust every time!

FairyLoot focuses exclusively on fantasy and the book will always be a hardcover edition. It will follow the theme of the month and it will be either be a first book in a series or a standalone story (we don’t choose any books that are sequels). We work very closely with publishing houses and spend a lot of time researching and selecting our books in advance to make sure they are the very best of the best.

We only send out books that have been published not more than 5 weeks prior to our monthly shipping dates, so it should be quite unlikely you will already have the book. Unfortunately, if you do happen to possess the book already, we are not able to offer a refund for the book.

Our monthly boxes typically include:

  • one exclusive signed hardcover book
  • 5-6 items, which in the past have been toy figurines, candles, soap bars, bookmarks, notebooks, socks, jewellery, scarfs, aprons, pens, wax seals, enamel pins, pillow cases, tea towels, beanies, mugs¬† – anything, really!
  • a letter from the author

We like to mix it up and surprise our subscribers every month. You can check out what our previous boxes have included on our past boxes page.

All of the books and goodies are carefully selected by the FairyLoot team. They will make sure that the book will keep you up all night and that all the themed goodies will create the perfect fantasy experience – every month.

We don’t offer a book only subscription, but we sell some of our special edition books in our Fairy Trove.

No. Most of the items are exclusively produced for the respective box and are not sold anywhere else. However, we often include the website names of our suppliers and special discount codes so that you can browse their online stores and shop at better rates.

No, all of our monthly boxes will contain exactly the same items, no matter if they are ordered through the US or the UK website.


YES! We want to spread our fairy magic around the world and therefore ship to almost any country in the world.

If you are based in the US or Canada, you can order from this site. Otherwise, check out our UK website.

The shipping fee is calculated upon checkout and depends on your delivery address. You can check your country’s shipping rate when you add a product to your basket.

The shipping rates for our monthly boxes are as follows:

  • USA: $9.99-$10.99
  • US Territories: $22.99
  • Military addresses: $22.99
  • Canada: $15.99

All of our prices on this website are in US Dollars (USD).

Our monthly boxes are shipped around the 20th-25th day of each month.

If you recently started a subscription with us, your first charge will be on the 1st day of the upcoming month and then your first box will shipped around the 20th day of that month.

PO boxes can generally be used as a delivery address.

Yes, but please be aware that our shipping rates are higher if we delivery to a military address.

Yes, we send all of our boxes on a tracked service.

If you are ordering your FairyLoot box to a country outside of the United States, it is possible that you may be subject to paying customs fees – although this is¬†NOT likely. The only country that we are currently aware of charging customs fees is Canada. This is because Canada’s customs threshold of $20 (CAD) is one of the lowest in world. In comparison, the custom thresholds of $800 (USD) for the USA and $300 (USD) for Mexico are much higher and therefore in those countries (and most other countries in the world) you should never be asked to pay customs fees when expecting a FairyLoot box.

We only offer tracked shipping for our magical boxes. We will use a different courier depending on where you are located, but all will have a tracking number. Shipping should take 1-3 weeks to reach you, and your boxes are fully covered by us should anything happen to them in transit.

The shipping duration depends on where the box is being shipped to – within the UK it should be around 2 or 3 days from shipping. If you are outside of the US, it can take 1-4 weeks.

Orders from the Fairy Trove ship out in 2-3 weeks.

Our monthly boxes that are shipped from the US warehouse will typically be delivered by:

  • either USPS or UPS within the USA and US territories
  • DHL within Canada


  • The price for a FairyLoot box is USD $35.90 (+shipping)
  • The price of a 3 Month Subscription is USD $104.70 (+shipping)
  • The price of a 6 Month Subscription is USD $207.50 (+shipping)

The shipping rates are as follows:

  • USA: $9.99-$10.99
  • Alaska & Hawaii: $22.99
  • US Territories: $22.99
  • Military addresses: $22.99
  • Canada: $15.99

All of our prices on this website are in US Dollars (USD)

Payments for automatic subscription plans are always deducted on (or shortly after) the 1st day of the month. If you subscribe to a 3 Month Prepaid Subscription Plan, payments will be made quarterly Рalways on (or shortly after) the 1st day of the month. If you subscribe to a 6 Month Prepaid Subscription Plan, payments will be made twice a year Рalways on (or shortly after) the 1st day of the month.

Please make sure you have the balance available on the 1st before your subscription is about to renew. If the automatic payment fails, please either log into your account to manually pay for the renewal or get in touch with us.

You can cancel your subscription anytime. Please¬†log into your account at us.fairyloot.com¬†and click on the¬†“cancel”¬†button next to your active subscription in the subscriptions tab. The subscription status¬†“Pending Cancellation”¬†means that your subscription will NOT renew again – it will be fully cancelled on its next renewal day.

If you cancel after the 1st of the month, that month’s payment will already have been taken and your box processed, but your subscription won’t renew.

If you have a 3 Month Prepay Subscription Plan or a 6 Month Prepay Subscription Plan, the cancellation of your subscription will only cancel your subscription but not your prepaid renewal order.

If you’re cancelling because of a bad experience or some other problem, please do get in touch with us – one of our lovely customer service team can help out ūüôā

We only subscription plans but you can cancel anytime (please note that this means you could lose your subscription spot).

We accept all major credit and debit cards for both subscriptions.

Sorry, we currently only accept all major debit/credit cards.

Our Monthly Subscription Plan is a subscription to our monthly boxes using a recurring billing plan that renews every month. By using this plan, you will always be automatically billed on the 1st day of the month in order to receive all of our monthly book boxes. The monthly subscription can be cancelled anytime.

Our 3 Month Prepay Subscription Plan (or 6 Month Prepay Subscription Plan) is a subscription to our monthly boxes using a recurring billing plan that renews every 3rd  (or every 6th month). By using this plan, you will always be automatically billed on the 1st day of every 3rd month (or every 6th month) in order to receive all of our monthly book boxes. The subscription can be cancelled through your account anytime.

This is your subscription activation order – it means that you signed up to a subscription and if this order has the status “subscription activated”¬†you should also be able to find your active subscription in the¬†subscription tab of your account. You might find that your subscription activation order is pending for a while, which means that our system is still in the process of validating your payment method.

Usually, when a charge first shows up in an online bank account statement it is a pending charge. When a pending charge disappears, it might take a while for the actual charge to show up in the online bank account statement. Unless your order status suggests otherwise, the charge will have been successful. Orders with the status¬†“Accepted”¬†or¬†“Preparing to ship” have been paid for.

If your renewal payment failed, you can still manually pay for the renewal: simply log into your account and navigating to the ‘orders’ tab ‚ąí you should be able to see a ‘pay’ button next to your pending renewal order.

To change your payment method, simply log into your account and navigate to the ‘payment methods’ tab where you can add a new bank card or change the default bank card, which will then be used for upcoming renewal payments by your active subscription.

Alternatively, you can also navigate to the ‘subscription’ tab and directly change the payment method for your active subscription by clicking the ‘change payment’ button.

Please make sure to check your account on both of our website versions! (Go to us.fairyloot.com and log into your account and then go to www.fairyloot.com and log into your account).

Orders and subscriptions will only show up in the account of the website version that they were originally placed/started in.

If you cannot find your subscription in any of the two websites or think that it is in the wrong website version, please get in touch with us.


You can change your address in your Account Page. Please make sure that your shipping address is always up to date!

If you have moved or made any changes to your address, you will need to update this in the address tab on your Account Page.

Subscriptions always renew on the 1st day of the month and once your subscription has renewed, you won’t be able to change the address for that month’s order. If you don’t change your address before the renewal date it will renew using your old address. If you’re unsure about whether or not you’ve changed it correctly, please contact us and our team can double check so that we make sure your box will go to the correct location.

When you update your address, please make sure you tick the box that says¬†“Update the shipping used for all of my shipping subscriptions” in order to apply the address change to your active subscription.

As soon as your label gets send to our warehouse, it will be impossible to change the address – so please make sure that you inform us about your address change as early as possible!

You cannot change your shipping address through your account for 3 month or 6 month subscriptions, but our team can change it for you! This is because your address will only change when your subscription renews, so during those months it will not update. We can easily change it for you if you get in touch with our customer support team.Please note that we can change the address for any order, as long as the label has not been sent to our warehouse (we usually sent off all labels in the early of the month in which the boxes are being shipped).

Most likely they will Рyou can check your shipping rate at checkout. If you have a subscription and move to a different country, please get in touch with us!


No, once a box has shipped, we cannot accept a return and won’t be able to exchange it for another box.

Usually all of our parcels are monitored by weight before being shipped, to ensure that no items are missing. In the unusual case that an item is actually not present in your box, please use our customer support form to get in touch with us as soon as possible!

If one of your items or book is damaged (please see our damage criteria), you can contact us to file a claim and we will ask you to provide photos of the damaged item. In most cases we will then be able to send out a replacement item to you.

Please keep in mind that the criteria listed is for guidance purposes and each claim will be reviewed manually on a case by case basis. Please note that blemishes to packaging or damaged packaging for the items will not be considered part of a damaged item if the item itself is okay.

We can only accept exchange/replacement claims within 14 days from the date you received your order. All exchanges/replacements will be at the discretion of our customer support team.

No, unfortunately not. Once you paid for your order we cannot issue a refund for it.