November Theme: Battles & Galaxies

This theme is all about epic battles and galactic adventures! It’s been too long since our last Sci-Fi themed box and we can already promise you that it was worth the wait!

This box features items inspired by Illuminae, The Lunar Chronicles, Red Rising and Shakespeare. There will be a whopping SEVEN items (none of which are paper-based!). We wish we could tell you more, but all we can reveal for now is that the items are a fantastic mix of themed goodies.

Sci-Fi books usually aren’t everyone’s thing, but if there was ever a book to read as your first YA Sci-Fi adventure this would be it − it’s so incredibly AMAZING! Imagine How To Train Your Dragon set in space, but instead of a dragon there’s a talking space ship (who is absolutely hilarious). This book is written by a very famous fantasy author, and we’re so thrilled to be featuring his book this month.

If you are located in the USA or Canada, you will receive a copy of this book with a signed bookplate stuck in. If you are not in the USA or Canada, you will receive a book with sprayed edges. Everyone will get a letter from the author. Both editions are so stunning that we cannot wait for you to see them!

We are thrilled to tell you that everyone that orders this box will also get access to a free eBook! This is an independently published book with glowing reviews.

We will reveal suppliers and hints about this box on social media – stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “November Theme: Battles & Galaxies

  1. Hi-

    Any specific reason why those outside USA/Canada miss out on the signed bookplate?

  2. The link to the free e-book has not worked for me it says “404 page not found”. I have already used the ‘contact us page’ regarding this problem but never received a reply.

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