We are so thrilled to reveal the May theme for our monthly box to you and it is… UNLIKELY ROMANCES!

This box is inspired by romances that you weren’t expecting to happen or couples with opposing personalities (hey, opposites attract!). We adore all of the items in this box and we know it is going to give you the feels.

You can expect items inspired by Shatter Me, Daughter of Smoke and Bone, The Cruel Prince, The Wrath and The Dawn, Flame in the Mist, The Selection, Girls of Paper and Fire and A Court of Thorns and Roses. All of the included items have been made exclusively for this box!

Our featured book of the month follows a story about a girl that is sent to other kingdoms with the objective of finding a suitor and each of the potential suitors are inspired by mythical figures (think Cinderella meets King Arthur and Thor!). The edition that we will feature in this box is a FairyLoot exclusive - it will have SPRAYED EDGES and it will be SIGNED by the author!

Due to the publication date of the featured book, we won’t be able to ship this box before May 25th, but we’ll make sure all boxes are shipped on this day so that they arrive as fast as possible!

This box will be available on April 2nd at 1pm BST (British Standard Time) for new subscriptions and single purchases. Remember: if you already have a subscription, you can sit back and relax − you will automatically get this box!

As always, stay tuned for more supplier reveals on social media!

18 thoughts on “May Theme: UNLIKELY ROMANCES

  1. I just subscribe does that mean I’m going to get the May Box? I’m sorry I’m new to this

    1. I just asked this same question. I’m wondering too! But I’m excited for the may box if I get it.

    2. Yes! I just asked the same question on twitter and they replied that I did. I can’t wait!! <3

    3. Yes, you will! 😀 May will be your first box.

  2. Will the book be a hardback?

    1. All books are hardbacks in Fairy Loot boxes unless there are two books in the same box, then one of them will be paperback.
      Hope this helps.

  3. Oh and the theme sounds lush ?

  4. Can’t wait. So if we subscribed this month do we get Mays box?

    1. Yesss! ? All subscriptions that are active now will next renew on May 1st for the May box.

  5. I figured what the book is going to be last night. You guys… my heart! ? Also, I do hope you haven’t included Nesta and Cassian otherwise I will be really upset. This Illyrian is mine! ?

  6. Hi just a question if I subscribe now for the single box will I get the may box wven if I canacle by 1st of may

  7. Can anyone tell me the answer to 12 across on the crossword.
    I have no idea????

  8. Hi, I live in the Netherlands. If I buy a box do I have to pay more for shipping costs? And how much would that be?

    1. Hi! I am also from The Netherlands, in total the box costs around 44 euros. That’s for the box and shipping

    2. Overseas or out of country shipping may seem expensive but it is not that bad, despite what you might think. I have a 6-month subscription and I pay 50 dollars for the shipping but per box its actually only 8 dollars per box. Just something to think about.

  9. how likely will I receive the may box ? I just signed up two days ago?

  10. I can’t wait to get my first fairyloot book and it is this one so excited

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