We are so thrilled that we can announce our March theme earlier than usual!

The theme for our March box is… FAVOURITES!

This box marks our 3-year anniversary, so it is extra special. We’ve come a long way since we first started FairyLoot, and we’re so thankful to all of you who have been there with us from the start or who joined us on this journey along the way.

To celebrate this, we’ve decided that this box will be all about some of our favourite fandoms – you can expect items inspired by a mix of fandoms (you’ll know what we mean when you see it!), Strange The Dreamer, Alice in Wonderland and more! We’ll also be including a collectible FairyLoot enamel pin as a souvenir for our 3-year anniversary.

We aren’t going to reveal too much about the individual items, but there will be a gorgeous wearable item designed by @caracozik – we absolutely adore the design and know we’re always going to wear ours.

And… the most exciting part? This box is going to have TWO EXCLUSIVE books!

Our featured book is about a girl going up against boys in a maze – it’s got humour, romance, and kick-butt heroines. It was so much fun and we loved this book so much! The hardback edition in this box will have SPRAYED EDGES and it will also be SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR.

The second book we are including is a paperback from a British YA author – it will have an EXCLUSIVE COVER and it will also be SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR! It won’t be released until April this year, so you’ll be getting it early! It’s filled with awesome characters and is an epic adventure set on the high seas.

As always, our anniversary box is going to be PURPLE instead of the usual black! It’s always extra fun to see you guys with these purple boxes. This box will also include our collectible tarot cards… and this month we’re changing fandom to Six of Crows, as per your votes in our previous fandom battle poll. We can’t wait for you guys to see which characters we’ll be including first.

To sum up, our March ‘FAVOURITES’ box will include:

  • TWO awesome exclusive books (both signed!)
  • a bunch of amazing goodies
  • a collectible FairyLoot anniversary enamel pin
  • collectible tarot cards
  • and a purple box

Whew, that’s a lot and we hope you’re as excited as we are! Stay tuned for more supplier reveals on social media!

Get a subscription starting with the March box or place a single purchase order. Just a reminder that if you are subscribed, you will get early access to the Finale Collector’s Edition box too ?

24 thoughts on “March Theme: FAVOURITES

    I really want this box !!! can’t wait to buy it 🙂

  2. I cant wait for this box…..LOVE the theme!
    Will there be tarot cards in the February box or the Finale box??

    1. Yes, there will be tarot cards in the February box. 🙂
      We aren’t revealing any details for the Finale box yet but we will in the coming weeks.

      1. Great, thanks Anissa

      2. I’m confused… March boxes will be available for subscription and single purchase on February 2nd?? I can’t pay for the March box until March because I’ll be paying $56 already for the February box… and if single purchases for the March box will be open February 2nd, wouldn’t they be likely to sell out before I can get one in march (I’m a subscriber).

        1. If you have a subscription you don’t need to worry about getting a single purchase, because your subscription will automatically renew and you will get the next box. 🙂 If you got a single purchase on top of your subscription, you would end up with two March boxes.

          If you’re new and signing up to a subscription with us on February 2nd, you won’t be charged for the March box until March 1st (we only ever charge on the 1st of the month). However, if you get a single purchase you would be charged immediately.

          I hope that helps – if not please contact us at and we’d be happy to help!

      3. When will they ship? It’s the 24th today.

  3. Two books?? Both signed?? This box is going to spoil me haha.
    I am very excited for the Six of Crows tarot cards and the pin. I love pins. And the wearable item. In fact, I’m just generally very excited for this box.
    Cora |

  4. I need this box!! I will have to send it to another country where I have family because fairyloot doesn´t ship to my country 🙁 and the shipping will be super expensive but I don´t care! I really want this box! I´m selling cookies so I can get the money


  6. So if we have a subscription, do we still get the March box regardless?

    1. yeah, it automatically renew every month if you have the monthly subscription.

  7. I’ve been trying for months to subscribe however when I get online everything always sold out ?

  8. What are the fees for subscriptions?

  9. I’m just wondering when this box will be shipped? So excited to receive it!!

  10. Is there any way to be put on a waiting list for this box? or do we just have to get lucky and see a post from you guys saying you have extras?

  11. This is really exciting! I love the purple boxes 🙂

    Was just curious – if you guys are thinking of putting the tarot cards up for sale separately?

  12. YES!! Strange The Dreamer and Alice in Wonderland are two of my favourite books, ever. I’m also super excited about the wearable item and the TWO SIGNED BOOKS WITH SPRAYED EDGES 😀 <333

  13. March 14 is my birthday and I’m so excited that it coincides with an anniversary box!

  14. Really excited about this box!

  15. I wanted this box so much! I was on a waiting list for it, but ehh… I still didn’t get a spot for subscribtion. I am now on a waiting list for a May box. There is only a hope that I will be able to subscribe eventually. ;(

  16. We are a little concerned as there has been no shipping update yet and we have subscribed to Fairyloot for our daughter. Its her birthday 27th March and I really thought it would be here before then ?

  17. THAT SCARF! <3 <3 <3 which I think I'm going to hang on my wall instead so I can gaze on it every day. Stunning. And I literally love EVERY SINGLE BOOK featured on it 😀 Absolute favourite item ever.

  18. You wouldn’t happen to be having any more March boxes will you?

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