December Theme: DRAGONS

We’re so excited to reveal the epic theme for December and it is…


This month we thought we’d keep it simple and let’s face it: totally awesome! We could not be more excited about this theme!

This box is perfect for people that love dragons and anything related to dragons. It will feature items inspired by Harry Potter, Game of Thrones and dragons in general.

We are so thrilled to reveal that this box will have an exclusive READING JOURNAL (the same as our last reading journal, but this time dragon-themed), an exclusive BOOK SLEEVE, an ADVANCED READING COPY of a highly anticipated fantasy book that is due to release in July 2019 and a bunch of other goodies.

This is also the first month that we will be including our exclusive trading cards drawn in a tarot style, which will be inspired by A Court of Thorns and Roses. Which characters will be in this box? You’ll have to wait and see.

The book we are featuring is a fantastic December release that is filled with shape-shifting wyverns, heists, magic and more! The edition we are including will be SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR and will also come with a letter from from author.

Stay tuned for more supplier reveals on social media!

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24 thoughts on “December Theme: DRAGONS

  1. Can’t wait to get this box

  2. Cant’t wait for this box .

  3. I’m excited for this box will we be getting it sometime in december this is my first time getting a box

  4. This box sounds amazing!!!!! You guys have really gone over the top with this box. Thank you for all the hard work you guys put into the boxes!!!!


  6. This is amazing!! I LOVE dragons!!

  7. Would have loved to get this box but sold out?

  8. I am so excited to get this box! I plan to do a blog post on it! I have been waiting to be able to purchase it for a long time!

  9. Will you be getting any more of this box in stock?

    1. Oui please !!!!!

  10. I want it!!!
    Will there be more of this box?

  11. The box of december is sold out 🙁
    What do i do .
    I want any more of this box in stock pleaseeeeeeee .

  12. I can’t express how excited I am to receive the dragon box as my first ever one!
    Going off what’s listed above, I just know I’m going to love it so much; and not everything has been listed! You spoil us and work so hard, guys. Thanks so much for existing!

    1. Oh and I forgot to say that feel really fortunate to have subscribed when I did, not at all surprised it sold out so quickly (congrats, Fairy Loot!).
      I’m so incredibly sorry to everyone who missed out.

  13. The box of december is sold out!!!

    i want it 🙁

  14. I need to know if any more will be available.!!!

  15. Oh no! I can’t believe I missed it!! Will there be anymore added??

  16. I keep coming back to read about the box like the description will have changed from the last time I looked, why must I be so impatient? Exciting stuff. What a time to be alive.

  17. Oh my Dragons!! I can’t believe, I hope to find something of the Hobbit <3

  18. Argh what do you mean sold out 🙁

  19. Do you have december box left please?

  20. This will be my first box to my monthly subscription with the magical ?‍♀️ Fairy Loot.!!! I am so ecstatic ????

  21. This sounds so good! Really happy I got one last minute today 🙂

  22. Will you be making more December boxes? I was hoping to buy one ?

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