April Theme: DARK MAGIC

FairyLoot April Theme 2019 Dark Magic

We’re so excited to reveal the theme for April and it is… DARK MAGIC!

We’ve been dying to share this theme with you because we’re so proud of all of the items that we’ve curated for you in this box – everything in here is inspired by fandoms with dark magic.

You can expect items inspired by A Darker Shade of Magic, Shadow and Bone, Harry Potter, Nevernight, Children of Blood and Bone and our February book (we aren’t naming this book yet because boxes have only just started shipping this week!).

What’s in the April box? You can expect a bunch of awesome goodies and one of them will be a BOOK SLEEVE! We’ve upgraded the material of our book sleeves – they’re looking awesome! In case you didn’t know what a book sleeve was, it’s a pouch that protects your books when you travel.

Our featured book of the month is set in a gorgeous Latinx-inspired world that is filled with enchantment. The main characters need to fight back against dark magic that is threatening to consume their world. We adored the lyrical writing, story, characters (their chemistry is so on point!) and the unique magic system in this book.

We are extremely thrilled to announce that the edition featured in our April box will have an EXCLUSIVE COVER, SPRAYED EDGES and will be SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR! It will also come with a letter from the author that will have exclusive character artwork on the back.

This box will also have the next two cards in our tarot deck collection! They will be inspired by Six of Crows and we can’t wait for you to see them!

As always, stay tuned for more supplier reveals on social media!

Boxes are NOT available yet. Subscriptions and single purchases will be available on March 2nd at 1pm GMT.

12 thoughts on “April Theme: DARK MAGIC

  1. Ahhh I have all of the excitement for this! I’m also even more excited for my February box to arrive. And I can’t wait to get another book sleeve, they’re so handy and I like swapping them depending on genre.
    The artwork is gorgeous and dark and I can’t wait.
    Cora | http://www.teapartyprincess.co.uk/

  2. If I have the monthly subscription , I will have this box even If I don’t do anything ? It’s automatically right ? I’m confuse ..

  3. Just wondering, because im in Australia what time will the box be put up?

  4. ordered!! cannot wait!

  5. I cannot wait for my first box!!!! I’ve waited so long to start my subscription

  6. Nachdem ich mehrere Fairyloot Booktube Videos geschaut habe, habe ich jetzt endlich meine 1. Box bestellt. DARK MAGIC hört sich einfach super an, ich bin sehr gespannt.

    Grüße aus Deutschland

  7. This box looks amazing–I love the artwork for the theme!!!–and it would be my first book sleeve, but I just got a tracking notification from the delivery/shipping company and they want me to pay another $23 for customs clearance before they will release my February subscription box… after I’ve already paid $73 Canadian dollars (with shipping and exchange), making my box ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS in total 🙁 Sadly, I can’t afford that much and will have to discontinue. Today is a sad day 🙁

  8. If the book is what I think it is, it’s one I received an ARC of last year. It’s an incredible read with such fun characters!!

    And yes – that chemistry!!

  9. So ” march box” arrives in april. Am I right ?

    1. Why would that be? I’ve been wondering when I’m going to get my tracking number for the March box, even asked them but they have not replied yet. What’s going on?

    2. I think it goes like this: if someone is thinking of subscribing on March 2nd (when new spots become available), the first box they will be getting is April box “Dark magic”. Boxes usually ship around the 20th-25th of every month, so depending where that new subscriber is located, they will get the April box somewhere between the end of April / beginning of May.

  10. when is this going to be available again??? I want this!!!! :'(

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